AY&B Antifouling

AY&B No.5 Antifouling

Altex No.5 Antifouling is recommended:

  • Where multi-season effective fouling protection is needed
  • Where regulations ban or restrict the use of organotin compounds
  • On yachts, tenders, dinghies, trailer yachts and power boats

Altex No.5 Antifouling is:

  • Compatible over other copper based anti-foulings, where recommended preparation is achieved
  • Not suitable for use on aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs
  • Suitable and recommended for use on primed GRP, gelcoat, steel, timber and ferro-cement craft

Note: Because ablative antifoulings work by slowly wearing away to expose fresh biocides, the amount of product applied has a direct bearing on system life.


Contains No Organotin Compounds

  • Contains high levels of cuprous oxide
  • Self polishing/ablative mechanism inhibits the attachment of fouling organisms
  • Suitable for high speed craft - however, ablation rate will increase when subjected to sustained high speed

Availability :- New Zealand- Australia

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AY&B No.5 PLUS Antifouling

No.5 PLUS is the solution to the ever increasing fouling burden in nutrient 
rich waters

Designed for the pleasure marine sector, to provide owners with a dependable, high-performance coating system that will save them money in maintenance costs.

It is recommended for yachts, launches, tenders, dinghies and trailer yachts, No.5 PLUS will typically provide 22-26 months protection.*
(based on two spray-applied coats). 

Not suitable for use on aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs.

  • Built and engineered on our proven performer No.5 Antifouling
  • Highest biocide loading for ultimate protection
  • Superior resistance to fouling in static conditions
  • Ultimate protection for cruisers in the South Pacific
  • High-performance self-polishing ablative technology

  * Durability will be determined by film thickness applied, frequency of use, water conditions, tidal flow and many other variables



Availability :

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AY&B Sea~Zone® 60 Antifouling

Sea~Zone® 60 Antifouling is a new generation Silyl Acrylate formulation that protects hulls from marine growth though a self polishing hydrolysis action.

The silyl acrylate, cuprous oxide and co-biocide combination provides outstanding protection that has exceeded side by side raft trials against traditional ablative cuprous oxide based formulations.

Availability :

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Pettit Hydrocoat® Antifouling

Hydrocoat® is an advanced technology, water-based, ablative antifouling which offers exceptional multi-season protection against most types of fouling.

Hydrocoat’s innovative technology replaces the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water, resulting in an easier application and clean up, with no heavy solvent smell.

Hydrocoat’s ablative surface wears away with use, exposing fresh biocides while eliminating paint build up and the need for sanding. The low-odour formula is so environmentally friendly, it exceeds even the most stringent air pollution regulations.

Hydrocoat® withstands frequent trailering, beaching, and launching. Its unique formula allows unlimited dry time to launch, so you can paint in the autumn or winter.

Hydrocoat® has been used on all new Sea-Ray boats for over 12 years.


Approval:              NZ HSNO – Reg: HSR000041


Availability :- New Zealand- Australia

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Pettit Vivid® Antifouling

Recommended Uses

Vivid® Aluminium safe antifouling providing proven high performance protection.

Vivid® provides excellent multi-season, dual biocide antifouling protection under all conditions for all substrates.

Vivid®‘s hybrid technology incorporates all the benefits of both ablative and hard paints in one superior product. Its hard, smooth surface withstands trailering and is easily burnished to a high performance racing finish. On trailered boats Vivid® may be hauled and launched without loss of protection.

When used over a suitable priming system, Vivid® can safely be used on aluminium hulls and outdrives.

May be used over suitably prepared cuprous oxide and alloy safe antifoulings-refer to your Altex Sales Representative.

Now you can have the brightest colours, the blackest black and the whitest white available in a bottom paint.

Vivid®, the perfect antifouling choice for any boat:

  • Aluminium hulls, stern drives
  • Trailer boats
  • Moored vessels – any type or construction material
  • Bright, clean coloured boot toppings
  • Work boats, barges etc


Excellent for ALL substrates:

  • Aluminium
  • Fibreglass
  • Gelcoat
  • Wood
  • Steel

Availability :- New Zealand- Australia

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