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AY&B Elite 321 Brushing Polyurethane

Elite 321 Brushing Polyurethane is a specialised marine finish coat formulated for brush and roller application. It is based on the latest cyclo-aliphatic polyester technology, giving a high quality and durable finish coat with long lasting gloss.

It has been especially designed for both the Professional and DIY painter for maintenance repainting of all yachts, launches and other pleasure craft. An easy to use, high performance polyurethane with good flow-out and wet-edge characteristics, balanced with rapid dry-to-touch – makes re-paint projects on the hardstand or on the water a practical proposition.

It is recommended for use on all vessel types to repaint:

Topsides, Cabins & Decks

Interiors, Masts & Fittings

Showers, Heads & Galleys

Allows a competent brush painter to restore their boat to a high level of finish and performance for a fraction of the price of a professional job.

May also be utilised on a wide range of equipment and / or vehicles:

  • Horsefloats
  • Caravans
  • Campervans

Availability :- New Zealand- Australia

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AY&B Elite Defender

Recommended Uses

Elite Defender is a professional grade spraying finish coat especially formulated for use in the marine industry and provides a convenient 1:1 (Part A : Part B) mix ratio by volume.

Based on the latest aliphatic urethane technology, giving exceptional UV protection and an ultra durable gloss. It has been developed specifically to resist the high UV light exposure in both NZ and Australia.

It's designed to provide a high quality finish for both maintenance repaint and new construction in the marine industry.

Elite Defender is recommended for:

  • application over either:

                Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat or

                Altex Polyurethane Undercoat

  • Topsides, decks, interiors and fittings that require a premium quality finish.
  • Areas such as showers, heads and galleys where a highly cross-linked film is needed to resist moisture and heat.
  • Masts, spars and other exterior fittings & fixtures


  • Convenient 1:1 volume mix ratio
  • Improved wet flow coupled with excellent hold up of the wet film
  • Superior 'lay-down' characteristics minimise orange peel and enhance the Distinction Of Image
  • Excellent re-flow on laps and spot sprayed areas
  • Available in a full range of colours – including custom colours, as well as Clear for additional durability
  • Gloss levels may be reduced with Altex Polyurethane Flattening Paste to provide low sheen finishes for interior work

Availability :

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AY&B Regatta® Gloss Enamel

Recommended Uses

Regatta® Gloss Enamel is designed for use as the finish coating for the Single Component Marine topsides systems.

Regatta® Gloss Enamel can be used on :

  • Canoes
  • Tenders
  • Dinghies
  • Trailer yachts
  • Power boats
  • For signwriting
  • Boot stripes
  • For up-grading existing enamel systems, subject to correct preparation and undercoating

And numerous other DIY projects requiring a high quality enamel finish coat.


  • High gloss enamel finish
  • Superior, “long oil” Marine quality
  • Good weathering properties
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Good application characteristics
  • Compatible with Altex Flattening Paste to reduce the gloss for interior colours
  • May be modified with the addition of Regatta® 2K Additive to speed up cure and enhance overall performance. This effectively creates a “Two Pack” finish coat. (see overleaf)

Availability :- New Zealand- Australia

View More Product Data Sheet NZ Safety Data Sheet Aus. Safety Data Sheet


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