Carboguard 695 PM

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Made to Order or imported lines subject to availability. Certified handlers only.

Carboguard 695 PM is a solventless, epoxy surfacer or patching mortar that is used to:

Fuel & Other Tanks: Transition between floor-wall chine areas, lapwelded plates, rivets, etc. It is typically used with a reinforced mat system specifically designed to comply with API RP652 for thick-film tank bottom lining repairs.

It is suitable for exposures in water, crude oil, aromatic distillates, and unblended gasolines. It is typically applied by broadknife, spatula, trowel, brush, or other suitable tool that allows heavy applications and smoothing procedures.

Excellent surfacer / patching mortar for concrete tanks & floors. Provides a rapid return to service screed for repairing flooring in high chemical exposure industrial environments.


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