AY&B Epoxy Primer

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Recommended Uses

Altex Yacht & Boat Epoxy Primer provides the foundation for all high performance marine systems. Altex Epoxy Primer is suitable for a vast range of substrates, and ensures exceptional adhesion for all coating systems to build on.

Altex Epoxy Primer is recommended for use as:

  • Primer on suitably prepared steel, alloy, GRP and wooden substrates
  • Multi-coat primer and self-build system
  • Primer and seal coat for Altex Epoxy fairing systems

Altex Epoxy Primer may also be used to seal off prepared, aged coatings prior to repainting - refer also to Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat.

Altex Epoxy Primer is ideal for use below the water-line as a tie coat between aged epoxies and Altex Yacht & Boat Antifoulings-

  • No.5 Ablative
  • Sea~Zone® 60
  • Pettit Vivid®
  • Pettit Hydrocoat®



  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Mild Steel, Corten steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and Lead
  • Sealed timber, Fibreglass, Epoxy resin
  • Gelcoat, Carbon fibre
  • Sealed ferro-cement
  • Formulated for use above and below water - simplifies full hull painting projects
  • Very long mixed pot life
  • Excellent long term re-coat and overcoating properties
  • Very rapid dust-free and touch dry times
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties

Ideal for fairing systems – to apply fairing compound onto and for the sealing of completed, sanded fairing systems


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