Carboweld 11

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Made to Order or imported lines subject to availability.

Self curing, zinc filled inorganic weldable holding primer.

A weldable inorganic zinc primer, which is both self curing and weldable. Welds made over Carboweld 11 coated steel are equal in every respect to welds joining uncoated steel prior to fabrication.

Weld spatter does not adhere to or damage the coating. Coated steel can be welded as quickly and easily as bare steel without loss in strength or consistency of the weld.

May be top coated with Carbozinc 11 and most conventional paints and coatings.

Carboweld 11 is used as a preconstruction primer in shipyards and fabricating shops. It has many cost saving advantages over conventional shop primers


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