Pyrocrete 40

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Cementitious inorganic polymer fireproofing formulation.

Single powder component mixed with clean, potable water before it is used in application. Recommended uses for the fire protection of structural steel, bulkheads, and upgrading the fire resistance of any existing concrete. Recommended areas of application are petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical facilities, power plants, schools & hospitals, noise abatement and air plenums

  • Lightweight – 1/3 the weight of concrete for equal fire protection - 700 kg/m3 (40 lb/ft³) density.
  • Coverage – outstanding coverage at 4.3 m2 at 10mm (18.3 board feet.)
  • Excellent physical properties – hard, durable, non-friable – high impact strength, nonflammable – during or after application
  • Asbestos free & chloride free
  • UL 1709 Ratings for Hydrocarbon fires.
  • BS 476 ratings for Cellulosic fires
  • Approved for exterior use



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