Altra~Shield WB-V Primer Finish

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet 

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Altra~Shield® WB-V is a two pack low VOC waterborne epoxy. The cured film presents a non-yellowing finish with high surface hardness and excellent flexibility. It exhibits excellent adhesion and water resistance, and is tolerant of application over damp surfaces. 

Self-priming over concrete, plaster and fibre cement substrates

  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent solvent resistance (when fully cured)
  • Excellent resistance to alkalis
  • Fair resistance to acids
  • Resistant to common CIP chemicals & typical dairy processing by-product exposures as follows:
    • Nitric Acid 5% - 15 hr watch-glass - pass*
    • Sodium Hydroxide 5% - 26 hr watch-glass - pass*
    • Lactic Acid 5% - 26 hr watch-glass - pass*


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