AY&B Epoxy Barrier Undercoat

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Altex Yacht & Boat Paint Epoxy Barrier Undercoat is a high performance, sandable epoxy high build coating which is both very corrosion and water resistant.

Epoxy Barrier Undercoat is recommended for:

  • Topside & Superstructure final sealing to provide an optimum surface for finish coating
  • As a high build surfacer to remove defects and achieve a finish suitable for application of Altex Polyurethane Undercoat or one of the Elite Polyurethane finish coats
  • As a high build barrier coat for below waterline application, used as part of an Altex Antifouling system
  • Direct application to sanded GRP, epoxy laminated wood and epoxy sealed wood
  • Direct application to epoxy faired surfaces
  • Application over Altex Epoxy Primer or Altex Epoxy High Build Surfacer
  • Priming / undercoating over degreased & sanded aged polyurethanes, epoxies, fairing systems, gelcoats, epoxy laminates & fibreglass



  • Excellent build properties up to 150µm DFT in a two pass application
  • Excellent surfacing and sanding properties
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Wide maximum self re-coat times for easy project management
  • Very good water and chemical resistance
  • Epoxy Barrier Undercoat may be top-coated with both acrylic or polyester urethane finishes and is especially formulated as an undercoat or sealer under the Altex Elite® range of polyurethane finish coats
  • May be used as a high build surfacer / undercoat for topcoating with Altex Polyurethane Undercoat
  • May be used in immersion service as part of an Altex Yacht & Boat recommended system


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