AY&B Epoxy Spot Filler 1:1

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

New lightweight formulation, with the added benefit of an easy to measure mix ratio.

  • 1 : 1 mix ratio 
  • Easy to open and re-seal lids 
  • Lightweight once cured 
  • Easy sanding properties 
  • Smooth and creamy texture – makes trowelling / blading easy 
  • Excellent hold up on vertical surfaces 
  • Approved for above and below waterline use 
  • Compatible with a wide range of epoxy primers and build coats, and suitable for application direct to suitably prepared bare wood, fibreglass, gelcoat and GRP 
  • 100% solids – no solvent smells and no shrinkage 


Use Over:

AY&B Epoxy Primer

AY&B Epoxy Barrier Undercoat

AY&B Epoxy HB Surfacer

AY&B Epoxy Resin & Microballoon Fairing

Compatible with other epoxy types – consult Technical Services for further details.


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