AY&B Epoxy Aluminium Primer

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Altex Yacht & Boat Epoxy Aluminium Primer is a two component primer utilising state of the art chromate anti-corrosive technology designed for use on aluminium structures, plate and extrusions and galvanised substrates.

It has been developed for use above the waterline (non-immersion) to provide the very best adhesion to aluminium substrates, and for optimised control of  filiform corrosion.

Epoxy Aluminium Primer is recommended for:

  • Launches, dinghies, yachts – topsides, cabin tops, decks, internal areas, void spaces, masts & spars
  • Superior adhesion to aluminium surfaces
  • Resistance to filiform corrosion.


Note: Epoxy Aluminium Primer is not suitable for use on surfaces subject to continuous immersion.


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