AY&B No.5 AntifoulingAU

Product Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Altex No.5 Antifouling is recommended:

  • Where multi-season effective fouling protection is needed
  • Where regulations ban or restrict the use of organotin compounds
  • On yachts, tenders, dinghies, trailer yachts and power boats

Altex No.5 Antifouling is:

  • Compatible over other copper based anti-foulings, where recommended preparation is achieved
  • Not suitable for use on aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs
  • Suitable and recommended for use on primed GRP, gelcoat, steel, timber and ferro-cement craft

Note: Because ablative antifoulings work by slowly wearing away to expose fresh biocides, the amount of product applied has a direct bearing on system life.


Contains No Organotin Compounds (TBT-Free)

  • Contains high levels of cuprous oxide
  • Self polishing/ablative mechanism inhibits the attachment of fouling organisms
  • Suitable for high speed craft - however, ablation rate will increase when subjected to sustained high speed


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