AY&B Epoxy Resin

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

General Purpose High performance Epoxy Resin

Used for: Altex Epoxy Resin may be mixed with either Altex Microballoons, or General Purpose Thickener to provide site mix fairing, gap filling glue and coving compounds.


  • Easy mixing  -  4 : 1 ratio by volume
  • Excellent cure characteristics with a good “tail” - mixed resin retains good flow throughout its pot life
  • Low viscosity with excellent wetting properties
  • Ideally packaged for Marine and Industrial use
  • Excellent stir in wetting of fairing and glue fillers and extenders
  • Cures well at low temperatures
  • Good flow characteristics with low viscosity minimizes air entrapment
  • Low odour


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