Chem~Bar 3500

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Chem~Bar 3500 Primer is a single pack steel primer designed for use in industrial and marine applications.

For atmospheric exposures, Chem~Bar 3500 Primer is normally topcoated with Chem~Bar 900 Finish.


Chem~Bar 3500™Primer may be:

  • Applied directly over steel or over zinc primers such as Altra~Zinc 605, Carbozinc 15-625, Zinkex 100 or Carbozinc 11.
  • Used on substrates other than steel, (consult Altex Coatings for specific recommendations.)

Chem~Bar 3500 Primer is used in the commercial marine sector as a:

  • barrier/seal coat over aged or incompatible/unknown antifoulings
  • as a tie coat over suitably prepared, aged epoxy coatings prior to application of the selected Sea~Barrier antifouling
  • sealant to assist in the prevention of TBT leaching from an underlying antifouling coating - provided it is applied at a minimum dry film thickness of 80 microns (minimum 2 coats by roller).

It is normally overcoated with Sea~Barrier 3000 or Sea~Barrier Alloy 100 PLUS Antifouling.


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